Our approach to probono is carefully structured to accommodate the schedules of alumni with demanding careers.

Here's How it Works

Project Launch

Volunteer coordinators with sector expertise interview prospective nonprofit clients in person, and determine project viability and feasible scope


Sector coordinators provide guidance to project teams and are accessible throughout the project.

  • Consulting Projects: est. 10-12 hours per month for 3-4¬† months
    • Volunteer alumni meet fellow team members and nonprofit leadership at in-person kickoff event.
    • Team members have access to curated resources and checklists, shared team Google site for project collaboration, and a toolkit for creating deliverables.
    • Team shares results with nonprofit leadership via in-person presentation.
  • Brainstorming Projects: est. 1 hour of prep and est. 2 hour session
    • Prior to session, Sector coordinators discuss ptoject with team members and share brainstorming guidelines and background materials
    • Team members participate in 90-minute brainstorming session with nonprofit leadership
    • Section coordinator leads production of session summary with input from¬† volunteer team members