The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience trains museum teams to connect past events to contemporary movements for justice. Help grow their global business.

**This project will be done virtually.**

Nonprofit: International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience is the only global network of historic sites, museums and memory initiatives that connects past struggles to today’s movements for human rights. With over 300 members in 65 countries, the Coalition builds the capacity of these vital institutions through grants, networking, training, transitional justice mechanisms and advocacy. Members and partners remember a variety of histories and come from a wide range of settings, but they are all united by their common commitment to connect past to present, memory to action.

Project: Business Plan for Training and Consulting Offerings

The Coalition trains museum teams in dialogue facilitation, public programming, exhibition design and strategic planning, providing them with the critical skills needed to engage communities in justice and human rights.

Join a team of HBS alumni to help develop a sustainable model to grow this effort globally.

Consulting Project
Arts & Culture

Deadline to Apply

April 15th, 2021

Kick-Off Meeting

To be scheduled in April 2021.


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