Network 20/20, founded after 9/11, wants to expand its community and to promote greater understanding of foreign affairs.

**This project will be done virtually.**

Nonprofit: Network 20/20

Network 20/20 develops and connects globally savvy citizens, giving them tools to engage with a rapidly changing world. Education in foreign policy and international issues provides the foundation for this multinational network. Core programs include: in depth briefings with foreign policy experts, sponsored trips to meet foreign policy and business leaders, and internal networking events. Given increasing threats to global order, Network 20/20 wants to maximize the impact of its foundational education and networking programs by leveraging remote tools to create a global network.

Project: Design Membership Model for the Post-COVID World

Network 20/20’s current membership model capitalizes on the benefits of in-person education sessions to create an engaged community. With in-person impossible, Network 20/20 has pivoted to a robust calendar of remote offerings attended by interested citizens globally. Under this new structure, Network 20/20 seeks our help in redesigning membership to create a true global community.

Volunteer Now
Volunteer Now
Consulting Project2-3 hrs/wk for 3-4 months


August 15th, 2020

Team Kick-Off Meeting

Week of August 23rd, 2020 via Zoom


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