**This project will be done virtually.**

Nonprofit: Juilliard School

Juilliard seeks to transform HJP from a reactive, transactional program to a leader in the multi-genre, post-pandemic arts scene by supporting students with opportunities to gain professional experience through ongoing jobs in addition to freelance “gigs.” HBS alumni volunteers will provide an oral and written presentation with actionable recommendations.

Project: Strategy

Juilliard seeks to increase the value of HJP to students, alumni and the school through rigorous review and analysis of the business, supporting a proactive approach.

  • Identify competitors and best practices
  • Position HJP as first-call for casting directors/event planners
  • Leverage Juilliard’s growing body of recorded and live events
  • Improve HJP’s web and social media presence
Consulting Project
Arts & Culture

Sign-Up Deadline

Nov 22, 2021

Kick-Off Meeting

December 7, 2021 – 5:30 PM


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