NCJW NY, an organization that addresses the city’s inequities through social services and advocacy, seeks to refine its messaging and brand identify.

**This project will be done virtually.**

Nonprofit: National Council of Jewish Women New York

Inspired by Jewish values, National Council of Jewish Women NY is steeped in a rich history of spearheading progressive change. Over the last 125 years, NCJW has pioneered a number of community services and advocacy initiatives that benefit the most vulnerable in our society. Currently, direct social services include a community kitchen/food pantry and programming that supports local seniors, caregivers, individuals with memory loss, children’s literacy, bereavement, and more. Advocacy initiatives are focused on economic and reproductive justice, with a highlight being the Pro-Truth campaign to combat/expose fake abortion clinics.

Project: Marketing

NCJW NY’s two-pronged approach encompasses direct social service to a wide variety of vulnerable groups as well as advocacy work focused on economic and reproductive justice. NCJW needs a succinct and compelling brand identity and messaging platform that accounts for this broad scope and engages stakeholders, especially donors and volunteers.

The objective of the project is to:

  • Identify a positioning for NCJW within the scope of NYC nonprofits.
  • Develop a positioning statement, including a tagline and other brand messaging/communications to energize stakeholders, especially volunteers and donors.
Consulting Project

Sign-Up Deadline

November 11, 2022

Kick-Off Meeting

Week of November 15, Virtual. Possible in person meeting in Manhattan.


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