Get Involved

Community Partners provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for HBS alumni. We connect alumni volunteers with local nonprofits seeking our help with business and management challenges.

Join a project team, work together with fellow alums, and contribute your skills and experience to make an impact in our community.

Brainstorming Sessions
2 Hours, One Event

A two-hour, high energy meeting of four or more alumni, including an experienced moderator, addressing a clearly defined challenge or opportunity along with leaders from the organization.

Traditional Consulting Projects
2-3 Hours Per Week, 3-4 Months

A comprehensive team project lasting several months, addressing business-related issues such as strategic planning, organizational development, finance and marketing.

Why Volunteer With Us?

  • Give back to the  community by supporting causes that match your passion.
  • Experience unique opportunities to apply your HBS skills to new challenges. Think ‘case-study’.
  • Take advantage of the flexible time commitments that enable busy people to participate.
  • Build meaningful connections with alumni peers and nonprofit leaders through collaborative working sessions.
  • Get started – our structured approach makes it easy for you to jump right in.

What To Expect As A Project Volunteer


Projects are carefully screened and project goals are well-defined prior to kickoff with volunteer teams.  

Coordinators align projects to fit with alumni skills and interests and confirm nonprofit leadership is fully engaged with goals and process.

Projects are structured to produce actionable advice for nonprofit clients.

Project Launch

Volunteer Coordinators with sector experience provide guidance to teams throughout the project.

Consulting teams are provided with a toolkit, collaboration tools, and access to curated resources.

Brainstorming teams receive background materials in advance of moderated sessions.


We continually refine our process to improve volunteer experiences and outcomes for nonprofits.

Alumni volunteers and nonprofit clients provide insights on post-project surveys.

Coordinators interview clients 9 months after project completion to assess outcomes from team recommendations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our project teams are currently seeking volunteers for projects listed here.

  • All Harvard Business School alumni are encouraged to apply. No specialized industry or functional experience is required.
  • Our Project Announcements are e-mailed to all NYC area HBS Alumni. If you are not receiving them and would like to, please contact us.

What Our Alumni Volunteers Say

Many Ways We Help Nonprofits

Know Nonprofit Leaders We Might Help?

Tell Us. We welcome learning of organizations we might help if they are located in the Greater NYC area.